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MEDTERA Telemedicine

Modern telemedicine technology for modern organizations

IT is rapidly reaching all areas of our lives. Digital medicine today allows you to make an appointment with a doctor remotely, get a transcript of the tests quickly and easily, and organise online medical board conferences.

There is a high demand to obtain and process medical information quicker, making the decision making process more efficient for the doctor and for the patients. People care about their health and want to receive fast and high-quality medical attention at any place and any time that is convenient to them.
MEDTERA Telemedicine is a unified secure technology platform that provides patients with highly qualified and affordable medical care, and to integrate and connect basic telemedicine services. It also allows a remote interaction between medical institutions and patients. The solution is built on the specialized platform “MEDTERA”, which is successfully used in healthcare organisations across the largest regions of the Russian Federation and fully inherits its technological advantages.

Two-way interactive mobile applications reduce the distance between colleagues, partners and customers and enable the exchange and storage of data through integration with any system.

Telehelth solution helps to

Telehealth provides patients with a quicker diagnosis and treatment plan, which speeds up the recovery process


  1. Attract new and returning patients to the doctor, increase their loyalty

  2. Raise the average income of the medical organization

  3. Develop Customer relationships


  1. Reduce the cost of the insured patient.

  2. Attract new customers for VHI by expanding the service portfolio.

  3. Receive additional profit from the commissions on payments by bank cards and commissions from teleconsultation sales.


  1. Reduce the cost of medical examinations of drivers and other transport professionals.

  2. Reduce accidents on the roads and improve traffic safety by monitoring the health status of drivers.


  1. Integrate their online services for processing customer orders connecting to doctors and clinics

  2. Increase sales and average sales receipt from a doctor’s prescription.

  3. We help pharmaceutical companies to establish communication channels with pharmacists, doctors and patients.

The platform has been successfully applied in health care organizations across the major regions of Russia and inherits all the technological advantages

Solution structure

Mobile app for the patient

Web-client, Android and iOS Apps.

Physician's workstation for remote medicine

Automated workplaces for doctors integrated with the Medical Information System.


Online administrator console


API interfaces for integration and remote patient monitoring (biometrics & wearables)


The solution architecture allows us to extend the basic functionality in accordance with the customer's business processes.


  • Audio and Video consultations for patients.


  • History taking before the consultation with Symptom Checker.


  • Biomonitoring of the patients using personal sensors or personal health diaries.

  • Analysis of the dynamics of the patient's state of health and adjustment of the treatment plan.


  • Centralized collection and exchange of medical information.


  • Organisation of online medical board meetings with the possibility to invite external experts,  to obtain a second opinion and arrange consultations of specialised medical professionals.


The use of MEDTERA Telemedicine provides patients with the following possible services:



  • support of electronic prescription turnover within the framework of teleconsultations;

  • placement and execution of pharmaceutical orders for prescribed medicines;

  • data processing for laboratory research.


The distinctive features of the platform include: its interaction with the medical information system used in the clinic in terms of maintaining a schedule, identifying patients, maintaining a patient's medical record and also a payment system for the services.

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Synergy in work with the customer and openness to create new services that have no analogues in the market.

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