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Moscow Department of Health
  • Pilot project on telemedicine and remote biomonitoring in children's and adult clinics as part of compulsory medical insurance.

  • The project is being tested on remote services for: consulting "doctor-patient" and “doctor-doctor”, Medical Concierge, Electronic Health diaries, Biomonitoring.

Department of Information Technology of Moscow
  • Interactive Service " visits at home" (using tablets): more than 3,500 doctors who visit patients at home using our IT developments.

  • The system registers calls in real time and keeps the results of visits, assigns doctors responsible for the visit, transfers information about the call, monitors the visits, generates primary documentation and necessary reports.

  • Provides users with personalised accounting of medical care (150 format-logical check ups are carried out instantly, 11 million patients, 25 thousand users)

Orteka Orthopedic Salon

Mobile applications for telemedicine services for patients:

  • Medical consultations on treatment, clinics, orthopedic products;

  • Consultation with a specialist doctor on a particular problem, to get second opinion, decoding analyzes and images;

  • Apps for analysis of treatment and therapy, diagnosis on internal admission, selection of pharmaceuticals, orthopedic products.

"Doctor Next Door" Family Clinic Network
  • Telemedicine service developed and implemented

  • Сreation of a platform "from scratch" in less than 1 year

  • The client base of more than 4 million patients

  • More than 100,000 teleconsultations held

SAMSON Neurological Rehabilitation Center
  • Introduction of telemedicine services

  • Mobile applications for patients

Department of Informatization and Communication of the Yaroslavl Region
  • Full automation of the regional health care system

  • 1st implementation of the “Lean Polyclinic” in Russia

  • Centralization of laboratory research

  • Unique technologies for organization of storage and structure of electronic medical documents, integration solutions in order to connect regional information systems, as well as federal services and portals, and other components.

International Psychological Center
  • Psychological telemedicine service

  • The telemedicine solution allowed working with insurance companies and including the advice of professional psychologists in the program of voluntary medical insurance

Endocrinological Medical Center
  • Telemedicine Solutions

  • Technical support

Service company for the organization of medical care
  • Telemedicine solution

  • Personal client account for online consultations

  • Technical support

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