Virtual Health Platform – Medtera

a unified secure platform that delivers remote health services and patient monitoring

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Forming a service approach and increasing sales

An indispensable tool for a modern doctor

Telemedicine consultation
Use online consultations in your day to day practice:  high-quality video calls, audio calls with a client, chats. Record and storage of all receptions in the data archive.

Continuous monitoring of patient's health
Use all necessary medical forms in one place. Automatic alerts about health problems and operational assistance to patients. View a patient's health card (including analyzes and readings from personal sensors), monitoring drug intake and scheduled procedures.

Schedule and reception times
Control full-time and online techniques in your schedule, integrated with the Medical Information System, get extra profit through telemedicine. Possibility to customize the duration of the consultation and set up push-notifications in the beginning of each consultation.

Cost management
Adjust the cost of admission and provide special promotional prices. The service provides the possibility to prepay the consultations from a personal account and can be integrated with payment systems.


Intuitive interface does not cause problems with workflow

Convenient application for the patient

Quick contact with the doctor

Do not waste your time on the commute or queuing. You can contact the doctor for any questions online via video, audio or chat consultations.

All health information in a single window

The integrated electronic medical record (IEMC) allows you to store all documents on the application server - no more paper memos or recommendations.

Data exchange

Use the opportunity to exchange medical documents with a doctor: tests, pictures, medical advice on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Health Biomonitoring

Remote biomonitoring using personal sensors and personal health diaries. All patient health data is transmitted in real time to the server and stored in the Integral Digital Medical Card. The patient can also enter health data independently (manually).

How to get started with a telemedicine system?


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Complete the registration form and get 1 month free access to the trial version of the telemedicine solution. If you already have an account - click "Start Now".


Account activation

Setting up and activating your account will take less than a day, after which you will receive an email with your login and password in the doctor’s personal account and a link to the patient’s application.


Start testing

Start testing the service by the doctor and patient. Our technical experts will provide you with the support and will answer all your questions. After the trial period, you can proceed to the service. We sign a contract and, if necessary, set up the system for the business needs of your organization.


Brief instructions for working with telemedicine application

Get started with telemedicine

User Authorization
Complete the form in the header of the site to access the interfaces of the doctor and patient. Wait for the manager to answer providing you with login and password. To test the interface and make a consultation, it is not recommended to open two accounts in the web browser at the same time. You can use two computers, a computer and a smartphone, or open a second account in a new browser tab in an Incognito mode.


Audio and video communication

Once you are logged in, the browser will offer you to allow access to the camera and microphone. Enable these settings so that you don’t have any problems with audio and video.

Consultations agenda
Right after the authorization of the doctor, he can see the following lists of patients:
"Queue" (patients with appointment for the doctor in duty, this list is available only to this doctor)
"Upcoming" (waiting for appointment)
“Ongoing” (consultations initiated by the doctor with the medical report still pending)
“Completed” (completed consultations)

To start the teleconsultation, click on the “Accept” button in the “Queue” tab (available only to the doctors on duty) or “Go to the consultation” in the tab “Upcoming Consultations” / “Current Consultations”. Then the chat window will open. To make a video call, click on the "Call" button located above the chat window (the button is active if the scheduled consultation has already begun). Video call requires a video camera and microphone.